How I Cope with Distractions when Things are Going Wrong – My Monday Rant!

I’m writing this blog post today, extraordinarily frustrated and upset. Everything is going wrong the last few months. My house is still a mess due to building work that is going on for three months now; builders stopped and started, and the job still is not finished. And because I find it very difficult to work with distractions and work from home, I haven’t been sticking to my schedule, and I have been putting a lot of my commitments on hold till things steel, which has been quite a mistake.

I have not made any videos for YouTube for a little while. So, this morning I decided to bite the bullet, breathe deeply, and make a video for my YouTube channel. I duly did my hair and makeup to make myself look half decent for the camera, and then I set up the camera and sat at my computer to record it from there.

Then, about two minutes into the recording, my computer completely crashed and then it took me over an hour to try to recover it and get on with my day. So I’ve given up now trying to make a video this morning but will try again later in the afternoon.

Distractions put a spanner in the works, and it’s challenging to overcome them to get on with my routine. But, as you know, I practice meditation, prayer and mindfulness and find that between God and psychological therapy helps to get me through life’s obstacles.

I don’t know if you can relate to this but, I’ve really changed since the pandemic the lockdowns. The isolation has affected me more than I ever imagined psychologically.

Living alone and not seeing anybody for five weeks at a stretch can be tricky and almost feels like a jail sentence. I’ve tried to be productive by setting up a website, started a YouTube channel, wrote, and published two books, not to mention all the learning I have done about working online. I also started writing a course that will be out at the end of July, and I still have worked at my ministry in coaching online and by phone, but it’s still not the same as seeing people face-to-face.

And of course, I conducted many funerals, which led me to see people, but there was no real conversation because we couldn’t really socialise. It’s not exactly a happy occasion where people can engage in small talk. I supported people with words of encouragement and compassion, and in those circumstances, I give it my all people feel comfortable and supported. But this has left me quite feeling even more isolated and drained.

I wrote a blog post a while ago about burnout because I realised how burnt out I really was. Part of my burnout was because of my terrible reactions to the COVID19 vaccination. It was impossible to see a doctor for the best part of a year. I just could not get an appointment as all consultancy was only over the phone. Then, when I had my second vaccination, I was told that I had such a strong reaction to the first jab because my immune system is so robust that it reacted against the vaccination. My immune system tried to fight it, creating its own antibodies – which vaccinations are supposed to do.

The vaccination did its work in the long run, but the side effects left me feeling rather tired, with a huge rash and feeling quite unwell. This has been made worse by the building work going on in my house. It has been challenging to cope with, distracting me from getting on with work.

I am positive that I don’t cope as well now I’m older. This is quite true physically, and psychologically it is an actual thing- because of the lack of production of hormones which helps one cope with the stresses and strains of life.

As an older woman, I have less production of the female hormone that helps with stress. So, now it is more of a struggle to get through difficulties. So, I can’t blame it all on me not being able to cope. I thought perhaps I should buy oestrogen tablets, so I went online, and they actually cost a bomb – more than I can afford. So, I am learning to work around and through these distractions the best I can.

If I plan my day using an hour by the hour system, and if I stick to that plan, I can cope and work through my responsibilities a lot better. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I have found that It is difficult working from home full time. It’s a temptation to take an extended lunchtime or coffee time and end up sleeping in on the couch. And before you know it, a whole afternoon is gone! But if I have a firm plan with goals to reach projects to fulfil, I can be more mindful of my approach to my day. I’m also more prayerful because I can invite God into every moment to strengthen and guide me through the day. The only problem is planning so tightly that it must be flexible to allow for distractions like I have experienced today. As I write, I am over 2 hours behind my schedule. Does this matter? Or does it only matter if I allow it to matter? If I worry about it and fret about it, I am not mindful, but I am setting myself up for burnout.

If I let any worry go and work steadily through my schedule the best, I am sure I will come out with a better attitude, more robust mental health, and a smile on my face. Furthermore, if I congratulate myself at the end of every day for my accomplishments even though I did not complete my to-do list, it will help me focus on living in the moment.

I am very excited about launching my course, The Mindfulness Stress Relief Master Class, on July 30, 2021. It’s just not for the over 50s, but it will be helpful for anybody who wants to understand what mindfulness is and how it can be integrated into their daily living.

For me, it is essential to understand how stuff works, and then I can work with knowledge, understanding and commitment. That is why in this course, I explain the history in the background of mindfulness and the scientific research to back it up. This will help you be confident that what you are doing is not a flash in the pan – a popular therapy method, but rather a scientifically proven method of living that has proven itself to work over a long history.

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I hope this rant of a blog post is helpful to you, but I want you to know that we’re all on this journey together, and nothing in life is perfect. However, if we live our lives in hope, faith and love in the strength of God, life is indeed worth living and worth sharing with others.


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Hello! my name is Paula Rose Parish MA. my main focus is teaching Mindfulness and also advocates Holistic Living for the well-being of Mind, Body and Spirit. I love the great outdoors, crafting, my dogs, and writing, and family.

If you feel stressed or are a hyper-focused, motivated achiever, then I know you can successfully apply yourself to create a better balance in your life with Mindfulness. At times, life sucks and isn’t fair or kind. However, there is hope on the horizon. Mindfulness is a beautiful tool to help you to succeed on your journey. However, to live mindfully, you must develop what I call- Well-Habits.

The key learning points include:

· Origins of Mindfulness and why it works as it does.

· Understanding what harmful stress is and how to self-regulate it to find relief.

· Learning the triggers to stress to be better able to respond to challenging situations rather than react.

· Recognising patterns of worrying or self-criticism that often generate more stress.

· Developing practical self-care tools to help you thrive, perform at your best, and build resilience.

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Its’ never too late to set your yearly goals

  I’m employed by a reformed Church denomination in the UK, and I will be coming into retirement from that particular ministry in June 2023. Although I have something like 40 years of ministry behind me, I like to think that I still have lots of wonderful years ahead to contribute to serving the Lord. I am young at heart and certainly not ready for retirement anytime soon – if at all. Like anything in life, it doesn’t just happen by itself, so I need to plan for the future.

 I’ve seen too many Christians seeking God’s will but never putting anything into action; then, many years down the track, they find themselves in the same place from when they started. I learned early in my years that hanging around doing nothing is not how to accomplish God’s will in my life; to the contrary, we are co-workers with Christ. God provides inspiration, and we provide the perspiration!

The Creator will take care of quality if I take care of the quantity. In both the old and new Testaments, we see many examples of this principle at work. So, understanding this, I began to pray and fast about my future, and over the last six months, particularly, I can see things very slowly, at a snail pace unfolding before me. I guess that’s why Lord says, James 1:3, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. It certainly takes faith and undoubtedly takes heaps of patients to find out and to move into God’s will for one’s life. There are a few questions that come to mind, How does God speak to you? How are you led by God? How do you know that it is God leading you and not your own imagination?

Well, for me, God always confirms what to do. I always wait for confirmation because I learned a long time ago that rushing into things only leads to disaster; I got many T-shirts on that one! Now I wait for confirmation because the Bible says that every word shall be established out of the mouth of two or three witnesses. 2 Corinthians 13:1 This will be my third visit to you. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. You will find that this is a universal principle of God’s in the way he leads his people, unfolding his mind to us.

Stop Wheel Spinning

When I get a few ideas and feel it’s the way to go, I set up some planner’s projects and goals, then I begin to beaver away at them. (I’m setting up a new YouTube channel and coaching website, so watch this space) And of course, life doesn’t as smoothly as we would like, so some projects just don’t work out, and try to work giving more time to them- but its like trying to raise a dead corpse! I might really love the project but I feel I have wasted so much time on because I really thought would fly! It’s frustrating, and very upsetting when my efforts eventually came to absolutely nothing. But then other projects seem to work very well. So, what to do? I stop spinning my wheels and simply cut off those things that are not working, then spend my time and energy with the things that are. 

Listen to Others

I was making a pastoral phone call recently and a dear lady in support of her. Due to the COVID lockdown, the telephone is the best way to care for others, as I cannot visit my Church members. Anyway, we were chatting, the conversation develops about finding God’s will in our lives and a few things that she said to me I knew that it was God speaking through her. How did I know it was God speaking through her? It was because she had confirmed something that I was already being led into. Sometimes I hear a small still voice, but more often, God speaks to me through my circumstances and the peace I fell around it. God seems to plant an idea in my head, and it well it may even be my own idea, and very often I can’t determine which is me or which is God, but regardless, I move forward and see where it leads. Those projects that seem to work, I feel that God is giving me the ideas to develop the project. And through the medium of research and learning from other people’s experience, I’m able to develop those projects into fruition.

We Are All Different

We hear Gods voice differently from one another because we are unique individuals, with unique experiences. The Lord may speak to you in a big booming voice from time to time, a handful of times in my life that is happened to me. However, if I wait for that sort of supernatural manifestation, I would be in the same place as I was 30 years ago. I would not move forward and accomplish the things that I have, achieved things in my life right now, and the success that I now enjoy if I had waited for supernatural manifestations. The reality is that God wants us to work with him. Our creator has given us a brain to use. If we need wisdom, we can ask God for some. We all have been given natural talents, gifts, and abilities. Also, we possess supernatural gifts, talents and abilities and are to use all those things to perform the will of God in our lives, so others may be blessed. 

Forwards not Backwards

Sometimes moving forward is not a ride in the park, but that’s fine, don’t give up, one step at a time keep moving forward. God speaks to me through my circumstances, 90% of the time. The word of God is illuminated to me, or somebody else’s words to me to confirm what I already know. God will illuminate my path as his love light shined on the path ahead, so I know I’m heading in the right direction. Over the years, I have found it imperative to write all my ideas, thoughts and God words to me down. I sort then into goals and develop projects from them. From the project, I break it down into tasks so I can bring the project to life. I use many great for this, like a Kanban board. This helps me manage what God is telling me to do. God won’t manage your life; that’s your job! God put Adam and Eve on this earth to care for it and subdue it, in other words, to manage it. God has given your life to care for and to be the manager of your life. God is the leader, but you put it into practice.

Planning, Goals and Projects

Its not too late for you to set your goals and projects and set out your tasks. Where to start? I encourage you to start with prayer and, if necessary, fasting. Be diligent and set time aside; it might be half a day, one day, several days or a whole week. Whatever is suitable for you, make sure that you have a journal and write absolutely everything down that pops into your head. Jot it all down that is illuminated from Gods Word or that somebody says that resonates. If you write them down, you can see the pattern and ebb a flow in them. We see God in the patterns and the movements of creation, and we can perceive God’s will in the movements and the patterns of our lives.

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