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As human beings, we need to grief because it is healthy, and the silver lining is that dire circumstances can be turned around good in the long run. But this only happens if we are willing to learn, change and have the right attitude and allow it to be turned around for our good. However, we can become trapped in our grief, not knowing how to let go of it. With the help of Psalm 23, this book offers ideas that may help you to learn coping strategies while maintaining contentment and happiness regardless of your circumstances.

If you rely on the right conditions to make you happy, you will always be tossed about and will never experience inner calm and joy- even in the face of death. Psalm 23 Unwrapped, can be used as an enhancement to my book Nothing Good about Grief. Psalm 23 will help you to let go of your grief, the fear of death, work journey your way through troubled times, and find meaning, purpose, and peace. 


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