Filling the Well- finding peace and contentment.

We have a duty to nurture our own well-being. We are holistic beings, which means we are body, mind, and soul. We must learn self-nourishment on all levels.Mary, a pastor’s wife who I knew many years ago. Mary had young children to run after so would get little rest. Mary was always busy, both at home and church and she never gave herself a day off or did anything that gave her pleasure. If she wasn’t working at home, or at her paid employment, she was working in the Church to support her pastor husband. Sadly Mary suffered a debilitating stroke at 34 years of age.

Why Your Life is a Well -the Beauty of Wells

Try taking a short nap in the day, or put your feet up and watch a bit of wholesome telly, enjoy a good book, or instead, take a nice walk that refreshes you. Whatever it takes to bring you peace and rest, do it and accept it as a pure gift from God to you.

How to Save Your Mind: Mental decline prevention

I am pleased to write about my own journey. I have read that it’s a waste of my time and my energy to tell everyone how great Mindfulness is and how much it has helped me in my everyday life. I found a problem with this idea – in my enthusiasm, I want to share something that has changed the quality of my life so profoundly!


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