God is With You Even in the Hard Times.

Tragedy pushes us through a one-way door, and once we pass through it, we can never return to how life was before. Christians suffer–and Christians die. That is neither an indication that God doesn’t love us–nor that our faith is weak. It’s just a fact of life. We see it in our Gospel lesson.

Spiritual Abuse

Have you been spiritually Abused? Spiritual abuse within Christianity has not been seriously considered as being a problem, despite the existence of many carefully evaluated and documented cases. There are a number of Clergy who dismiss the issue because it appears, to a large extent, like a politically correct, postmodernist-inspired, abuse fad. Christian counsellors in…

Stepping into Lent #2

In the Hebrew Bible, forty is often used for periods, forty days or forty years, which separate “two distinct epochs. If we see the pattern of 40, we will understand that self-control is always a part of our daily lives.

Does God Care About Your Wellness?

 Wellness is an individual pursuit—we are self-responsible for being self-aware of our choices, behaviours, and lifestyles—but it is also significantly influenced by our physical, social, and cultural environments.

Stepping into Lent #1

today we must not be found sleep, today is the day of salvation- we have today- that’s all we don’t have tomorrow yet, today is the only thing in our control, and God wants us to be alert, and whatever we do, we do with an eternal purpose.


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