Just Shut Up & Listen!

Even beyond what has been recorded in the gospels is only a glimpse of what Jesus actually did.

John 21.25 Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

Now the easter season is ending, and Pentecost is beginning, we look back and see that John’s Gospel has been a central focus throughout the Easter season.

The Gospel of Saint John differs significantly from the other three synoptic gospels. John’s language is mystical and symbolic. John presents the seven miracles as signs that reveal Jesus’ Divinity.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus is identified as I AM, the Son of the Father, the Divine Presence, and The Bread of Life. Jesus is the light of the world, the Eternal Word and more. John points to the crucifixion as Jesus’ hour of glory, in which he takes up his cross-throne for the world’s salvation.

So You May Believe

Saint John states that he wrote his Gospel so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that, through this belief, you may have life in his name.

John loved our Lord and understood him through personal experiences while Jesus was alive on earth and through a profound level of Prayer he practised.

We learn from John that deep Prayer is this depth of understanding and mystical knowledge.

The Gospel is communicated so the reader is quickly drawn into John’s prayerful understanding. As John concludes his testimony about Jesus, he states something worth pondering. He states that Jesus did so many things not recorded by him or others. If they were all written down, the whole world would not contain the books that would be written.

First of all, everything that was written down is the source of prayerful study for a lifetime. You could never be exhausted by the meaning we find in John’s Gospel alone.

What Jesus did within every mind and heart He touched is truly indescribable. How Jesus transformed lives, volumes upon volumes, could not thoroughly describe the miracle of it.

Jesus’ divine action of saving souls, rescuing people from sin and death, and pointing them to eternal life is more than our feeble minds can fully comprehend.

As we conclude this Easter season and our reading of John’s Gospel, allow yourself to sit in awe of the infinite activity of our Divine Lord in the lives of those who have turned to him. Consider every movement of Grace in your that has been accomplished with such care and love by our Lord.

Reflect upon the fact that one day, you will contemplate the eternal Word made flesh for eternity. The Messiah, the Great, I Am the Son of the Father and every other name given to him. Who is our God and King forever? You will be face to face, beholding his beauty and actually fellowshipping with Him- Amazing!

Prayer Connects Us

Saint John loved our Lord and understood him deeply because he spent his life prayerfully pondering all that Jesus did. Contemplative Prayer is silent Prayer allowing our whole being to engage with God. It is about mulling over or contemplating what the Lord shows our souls and minds.

Just Shut Up & Listen!

When we stop the chatter, our souls can express the cries of our hearts to God and receive what God has to say to us.

Even Jesus, Himself, committed Himself to this holy pondering. Therefore, if you make contemplative Prayer a daily habit, you will be drawn more deeply into the fellowship of the Holy Trinity.

Let Us Pray.

Come |Holy Spirit, Fill our hearts and Kindle in us the power of your love. Jesus Messiah, you are truly beyond comprehension in your beauty. You are God from God, Light from Light, The Light of the world.

You are the great I am, and all the books worldwide could never describe the depth of your greatness and love. Fill my mind and heart with the gift of deep spiritual insight so that I may see you more clearly. Love your more dearly, follow you more nearly, day by day.
Jesus, I Trust In You.

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Paula Rose Parish💕

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