Wellness and Your Faith

What makes us well is an important subject. If we are conscious of our health and how to maintain it’s more than half the battle.

Do you know what makes you healthy and how that can impact our faith? Watch the video and read the article below to find out!

 In this article, I will share with you what I call well- habits to keep you well. I am not a nutritionist; I am doing a diploma in health and wellness, and I want to share with you that I have learned and found works for me and my work for you also.

The problem is that what is not good for us often tastes great, so we want more. There are man-made foods that are readily available and cheap to buy but are toxic to our bodies.

Sometimes we consume food that makes us unwell, but the goal is to regularly consume the food that heals us and maintains our health.

God put on this earth are as a Bible says herbs for our healing so to be aware of exactly what we are putting into our mouths and what it actually is doing to our bodies is so important if we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay well.

Track What you Eat

Over the years I have struggled to find what food works with my body. As I have been getting older and now on the other side of menopause my nutritional needs have changed. I have tried my best to accommodate this by alerting my diet.

 What I could eat a few years ago, seems disagreeable with my body now. So, I try to keep in tune with my body and take notice of the changes.

To be healthy, you need to look at your overall daily nutrition. A good way to do this is to write everything down that you eat. Starting from the first thing in the morning to all of the snacks and everything you drink to the last thing at night.

The reason for this is because we get busy during the day, and we can actually forget what we eat, and we can start eating mindlessly managing the things which are actually detrimental to our health.

 A lot of fast foods, readymade meals, snacks that are readily available have are loaded with chemicals that actually can poison us in large enough quantities. Many of them are toxic to the cells of our body and actually can affect us profoundly in a negative way. So, researching to understand and it writing down what you need, is really important if you want to stay well.

One of the advantages of writing everything down that you consume is that you can review it at the end of the day, and indeed at the end of the week, and make the right adjustments.

You can go even as far as documenting exactly what food you’ve eaten and how it has made you react or feel. For example, when I discovered that I was having stomach pains after I was eating started writing down the reactions and discovered over a few weeks that every time I had something containing onions that I suffered from acute stomach pains.

So, this is helpful to me because it helped me to identify the problem and so I could eliminate onions from my diet, and soon as I dared say I had no more pains. And now many years on I’ve tried to introduce a few onions into my diet and I’m fine are if I overeat onions of the pains come back but now I can have a small number of onions and there’s no pain so writing things down and even documenting on how that food reacts with you can be really helpful to you.

Track what you Are drinking

It’s easy when you’re thirsty to just grab the nearest thing and drink it and think that your thirst will be satisfied sometimes we may be drinking value-less beverages which are actually a waste of time and actually could be making our bodies set.

For example, carbonated drinks research shows that they can actually leach calcium from our bones.

I’m sure in very small amounts carbonated drinks would be quite harmless but if you are regularly drinking it throughout the day and you have a significant amount are you actually might be this might be detrimental to your bone health. Particularly if you have osteoporosis in your family and if your woman is you may be likely to get it so you want to stay away from carbonated drinks or anything else that actually may be detrimental to your bone health.

Carbonated drinks are heavy with sugar or contain chemical sweeteners that are known to create cancer in rats – not good!

Low self-esteem and bad eating habits

When what you consume controls you, rather you are controlling it, you have a big problem on your hands. Being not in control lowers your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is where you respect yourself to the point that you esteem yourself enough to look after your mind body and spirit.

When what you eat and drink controls you- you can lose your confidence, self-worth, and then you just start eating any old thing even if it makes you sick. I know I’ve been there, and I am sure you have as well.

A Few Tips to Help

Self-esteem has got a lot to do with a variety of eating disorders. I remember when I was in my late teenage years, I had a bad relationship with food. I was actually frightened to eat because I didn’t want weight gain.

 It took me several years to recover, and I had to teach myself to enjoy food. And then later into adulthood had an abusive marriage and my husband was gaslighting me, and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.

My husband would comment on how I looked, my confidence remained low, so I became anorexic for many years once again.  

Food is fuel for your mind and your body and without it, you will die, and without it, you will get sick.

Understanding Wellness

To understand what wellness is, we are needed to understand our minds our bodies in relationship to food and whatever we consume.

If you have an unhealthy diet by consuming loads of takeaways and carbonated drinks, and other foods that have no nutritional value, you going to be unwell.

For example, MSG is a chemical that is in most takeaway foods and for some people, it causes swelling of the joints and pains in the legs. You may be treated for those symptoms and may be diagnosed with something else but try it if you remove MSG from your diet, you may find that swelling of your joints and pains in your legs may go.

MSG is in most Chinese food and I remember when living in Australia I ate a lot of our Chinese food and began to develop terrible pains in my legs. I discovered the truth of MSG and what it actually does to people, so I removed MSG from my diet – and bingo – the pains stopped.

And now when I have Chinese food I tell them I don’t want any MSG in it. MSG is an emulsifier enhancing the color of the food to make it look more attractive. That’s why Chinese food is beautifully bright colored and it in most frozen foods, takeaway foods and lots of snacks contain MSG. Please read the labels before you but, see if there is MSG present.

Make Nutrition Fun

I found that the best way to approach your nutritional needs is to make it a hobby – make it fun. I make it a prayerful activity as well. I pray over the food as I am preparing it and give thanks to God for supplying me with enough food to keep me healthy.

This also helps me to be conscious that I am the temple of the Holy Spirit and I have a big responsibility towards my health, ensuring that I put good food into my body.

 You can make it fun by writing what you eat down, researching it by talking about your nutrition to friends. read books and make it a bit of a hobby, and a bit of a challenge by writing down your goals and the steps towards reaching those nutritional goals.

 In this way, it won’t be a chore but a pleasure. Your newfound hobby will become a good habit. Healthy habits maintain and keep your body well – because you are worth it!

It never ceases to amaze me how people look after the houses and their vehicles and never think to look after their health.  They spend hundreds of pounds on their pet’s health and grooming but do not spend one penny on their own health. Many people spend time tending their gardens, decorating their houses, learning new skills, climbing the corporate ladder, but they won’t pay any mind at all to their health or wellness.

Until that is that they become unwell and then suddenly their interest is sparked. But I always say prevention is better than cure. It is best to make health and wellness a hobby, make it a fun thing to do while you are healthy so can maintain your health into older age.


The human body possesses an innate ability to heal. But that process can be strengthened and sometimes accelerated in a safe and healthy way, with the use of natural supplements (Not Chemically Derived).

Prevention is better than cure – right?

Well – Yes of course- that’s why natural supplements are also used to prevent potential health problems before they develop. For pharmaceutical alternatives, use quality, natural supplements in a preventative way. When you take natural supplements, you will get a better result than if you take lab-processed, chemical supplements.

So, with natural supplements, it’s about prevention and support. It’s also about having the right information, and only taking natural supplements that are proven, trusted, safe.