#101 How to find meaning and wholeness in the ordinary things of life.

A clifftop street at Hensby in Norfolk UK, began to crumble into the sea as Britain’s coastline was battered by wild weather by the beast from the east. 

One home-owner described feeling a sudden tremble like an “earthquake” as the cliff gave way taking his house with it.  

At another property half a house and a garden shed fell into the sea after days of high winds and waves eroded the sandstone. Along the coast line, many houses were left teetering on the EDGE!  

Hemsby, Norfolk, has been deemed “too dangerous” for the residents of 13 chalets who have been evacuated and may lose their homes. Survyours warned about these chalets that there is a “very good chance” at least six of the properties will collapse into the sea.  Those residents found out what it means to live on the edge- quite literally  

  But what about thinking of living on the edge as a Metaphor? 

The average person lives a life of quiet desperation. There are many things to experience but they cannot. There are many things he or she does not want to do that is forced to do because there are many sacrifices that must be made to earn a living.  Day in and day out one must keep doing the same things in the same way in order to survive.  

Life can become repetitive, boring and there for some, it feels as if there is no way out.   

There is another type of human being, one who revolts against this mundane life, and revels in the unpredictable and the unexpected, who always takes risks, flirts with danger, and believes in living on the edge. 

A true-life story of a which occurred recently. A young woman on her 18th birthday parachuted out of a plane in celebration of this milestone. But sadly, celebration turned to tragedy as she plummeted to the ground as the parachute failed to open. She lived on the edge and lost.  

In every profession—be it business, sports, politics or movies— there are people whose adventurous streak never lets them rest in peace, who are forever on the move, going out of their way to do the most extraordinary things because they believe in living on the edge. For many people, such a life seems exciting and colorful, and would give anything to lead a similar life. Only if they had the guts, time and money! 

But how healthy or desirable is such a life? Boredom may be bad for one’s health, but so is the constant pumping of adrenaline into one’s blood-stream that results from a risk-taking lifestyle. The risk of an untimely death is certainly real, as we have seen. 

Looking at the teachings of Jesus Christ we see the real art of living is in the ability to find meaning and wholeness in the ordinary things of life? in the now, in this moment? The epistles  declare to us a guideline on  the best way to live 

 1 Timothy 2:2 Pray for kings and all who are in positions of high authority, so that we may live a peaceful and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. 

  Whether it’s living on the edge quite literary as in Hornsby Norfolk or jumping out of planes, whichever way one looks at it, living on the edge is certainly a risky and perhaps an unpredictable way to live – it’s not sure or solid, it’s transitory – however- living on The edge feels much better! 

And maybe living on the edge feels so much better, but maybe that feeling does not last. And maybe one has to create that feel good factor to keep living on the edge, but it seems to me that living on the edge is just chasing feel-good feelings, but when that moment fades, when that feel good feelings goes,  then what?

A quiet and peaceful life is a precious thing indeed and we will find it in prayer and following our Lord Christ.  And of course, following Christ is not without excitement,  we can live our life to the Max in Christ and find all the adventure we can handle! 

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