How to help others by developing a lifestyle of prayer

Prayer. Do you sometimes feel that getting answers to prayer is complicated? Have you given up on the idea of prayer due to unanswered prayer? Do you feel that God is so far way busy with lots of things that he does not care about your world?

Before the COVID- 19 pandemic I was a speaker at a conference in the USA. I flew out from Heathrow London airport, arriving a few hours before the flight, so after checking in I had a few hours to kill. I walked around and found a coffee shop and sat down with a coffee and a snack. I noticed a woman a distance away and felt led to pray for her. She was alone and was eating. For some reason, my heart went out to her, although it was not obvious, I knew something wasn’t right. So, I waited and asked God if he wanted me to chat to her. If he did, then I asked that he cause her to walk right by me. This was a big open fronted place and many ways to leave. Well, you know what happened- She walked right by me, and I began to chat to her. It turns out that she was seeking God and not getting anywhere. I shared with her how she can accept Christ. She looked stunned, saying how did I know what she was thinking. I gave her a salvation tract and told her that God told me to pray for her because he loves her and cares about her life. There was more to the conversation, and she went her way.

 That encounter was the result of prayer. Prayer connects us with God. It also connects us with others as in my airport encounter. I pray all the time and look for Gods prompting the best I can.  When we have a lifestyle of prayer, we have amazing experiences.

These a lot that could be said on prayer and here I am only touching the tip of the ice burg. But I hope it will provoke you to research this for yourself and develop a lifestyle of prayer.

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