Over 60s blogger dilemmas: an act faith and the hurting.

I don’t understand how this works. I am a blogger for a few years now, and I’m well over 60, so new to the game.

I’ve had to get used to a cultural shift because I want to share the things that I’ve learnt, suffered, and overcome in the hope that it will help you in some small way.

I’ve done several online marketing courses and learnt about algorithms and SEOs that have something to do with how often I am exposed to the World Wide Web. Try as I might, I fail to understand how this all works. But somehow, it does work. And this is what I would call an act of faith, which is is similar to trusting in God.

We don’t know everything about how God works in the world and in our personal lives, but somehow, he does work. And I guess we all live our lives in the act of faith without really realising it.

I want to speak to the hurting today. You think that life is too overwhelming, too complicated, and too far out of your reach. Well, you’re right.-It is. This way, you need to take control and simplify your life, and this where mindfulness comes in. This is where faith in God comes in.

Faith goes beyond your ability of human understanding or coping, I can never be as sane as I am if is wasn’t for Gods’ spirit in my life. With all the heartache and struggles and abuse that I’ve suffered, without succumbing to self-pity, I have the attitude of overcoming and success, a tribute all that to the ability of God in my life.

So dear reader, I commend to you submit yourself to the hand of God in your life through the Lord Jesus Christ. You will see in time, miracle upon miracle strength upon the strength, and you give to the world the most valuable things of who you are.

Thank you for visiting the blog. I hope this has been helpful to you. Please navigate my site and support me in my endeavour to help motivate those who recognise that they need it.

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Virtual hugs, I look forward to your visit to my next blog post!

Paula Rose Parish

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