Looking After your Body- How to Reduce Stress in Women Over 50 Today.

If You are Over 50, You need to Read This. 

We’d all like to reduce Stress in our lives, but Steering through the changes that middle life presents causes Stress – No Joke!

Positive Stress keeps us on our toes, alerting us into action. However, Stress becomes negative when we are constantly bombarded with challenges without the space to recover. Anxiety builds up in the body, causing a variety of physical problems. Some of these physical problems include- headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure, leg pain, chest pain, sleep, and eating problems.

For women over 50, the effects of chronic Stress are intensified. Your body isn’t as resilient as it once was due to the dramatic hormone changes after menopause. So, your precious body needs more TLC like a healthier lifestyle — to repair itself. Tell me what you Think- but is it time to reduce your Stress?

No Secrets Here!

The keys to less Stress and more splendid happiness are not a secret. They are never more money or material objects that can reduce Stress. Reducing your stress levels is down to your choices. This is a BIG subject, and I will deal with it in another Blog Post. However, today- I mean right NOW – you can take positive action to ensure your good health, good relationships, and a good dose of optimism.

How to Reduce Stress Today

  1. Exercise a little every day because it reduces Stress, improves your mood, and boosts overall physical and mental health. I have found that it also helps you sleep better.
  2. Build a support system. For some people, becoming part of a faith community helps reduce Stress – I know this does for me. However, for others, it may be joining a gym club or a MeetUp Group. The important thing is, wherever you find healthy, solid friendships will help you feel love, reassurance, and connection.
  3. Keep a positive attitude. Look for silver linings and good news. Practice gratitude Every day (more about this in another post).
  4. Let go of the negatives. Go On- just accept that there are things you cannot control – remember the serenity prayer?
  5. Stop being aggressive. Instead of becoming angry, defensive, or the opposite passive – share your feelings, opinions, or beliefs kindly and peacefully.
  6. Find ways to relax. Learn to meditate, which is proven to work. Try a relaxation app. Listen to great music or read a good book.
  7. Develop new interests. Having a sense of adventure can help you reduce Stress. Tune in to your dreams. Rekindle things you are passionate about. Take up a hobby. I have many of them. Find the creative within you!
  8. Don’t short change your bodily needs. Get enough rest and sleep. When you’re under stress, your body needs time to recover. Give it the rest it needs.
  9. Eat healthy, balanced meals. Your body needs good nutrition to fight the effects of Stress. Also, don’t rely on alcohol, sugar, or carbs to quiet your anxiety.
  10. Volunteer. Take the focus off yourself and put it onto others. Research shows that when you commit yourself to help others, you find meaning and purpose and achieve a feeling of achievement.

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· Developing practical self-care tools to help you thrive, perform at your best, and build resilience.

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