How I started Journaling Mindfully and the struggles I encountered -Part two

This blog post is part two about How I started Journaling Mindfully and the struggles I encountered. I hope my story helped you, is so, let me know in the comments

In my past posts, I mentioned many benefits of Living Mindfully. Here are a few extra thoughts on the benefits of reflective Journaling.

· It enables you to become more focused on the life you are creating.

· You better remember and appreciate your experiences so you can share them with others.

· Can Enhance your creativity.

· Will give you Clarity of self and your goals in life.

· Help you to better understand and deal with problems rather than ignoring them or reacting badly to them.

By reflecting on your feelings and behaviour, you can learn who you are and where you fit into the world. You can build upon your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. A consistent practice of reflection results in a greater understanding of who you are and how you interact with the world. Developing the habit of reflective Journaling will allow you to make more meaningful decisions that result in a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

Mindful Journaling is a practice that focuses your attention and awareness. It is about your self-awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose to your thoughts while you are writing them down.

—SO, If you’re ready- let’s get started!


·       Put aside some time. 

·       Grab something to drink. 

·       Choose your notebook. 

·       Find a nice pen. 

·       Settle in a quiet spot.

· Decide on what topic will you focus. Is it about Gratitude, experience from the past, or something else? 


· Be in the present moment; as you scribe each word, do not judge them. Just allow your thoughts and pen to flow as your experience unfolds moment by moment.

· Breathe! Avoid becoming anxious by breathing rhythmically and slowly. 

· If you become anxious or panicky – take 3 deep breaths in and out of your nose- then the 4th one in your nose and out your mouth (blowhard).

Finding it Difficult to get Started? TRY THIS….

· Reflect on a recent experience- don’t judge it as good or bad. Accept it as JUST IS. 

· Observe the experience realistically, reflect on the experience, then write it down.

· Get lost in thought, look within yourself – how do you feel deep down about the experience? -write it down.

 Ask Yourself…

· What feelings and emotions does the experience bring up? Write them down

· What can you learn about the experience-write it down?

· What lessons can you learn from the experience-write them down?

· Why did you make a particular decision?

· Was the experience a positive or a negative?

· What could you have done differently?

· What would you do the same?

· What did you think of your reactions during the experience?

· What did you think of your reactions after the experience was over and the emotions had subsided?

Well dear reader, I hope this helps you to get going on your reflective journaling journey.

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Paula Rose Parish