should christians go to the doctor?


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The medical profession is God’s gift to us.

One upon a time, I was married to someone who forbade me to visit the doctor except for childbirth issues. On the most part, I obeyed (as I was told God wanted me to obey my husband), but when my child became very ill, I took him to the doctors behind my husband’s back. Although my husband (now former) abused me when I returned home, my child was prescribed the antibiotics he desperately needed to help him recover.

When we are unwell or in need of any kind, we must pursue medical advice, but also, as a believer, we should go to God with our troubles. We do not have to exclude one approach over another but blend them beautifully, and in doing so, we find the benefit we need. God invented healing, either through human or divine intervention. When I take my concerns to God in prayer, I worship and soak in his presence. Which is merely resting in his presence and waiting for a response. Sometimes I will receive an answer immediately, sometimes it can be days later, but rest assured, if we pray rightly, God will answer. 

We live in an instant society; we demand things when we want them. We are all seeking miraculous or healing which, of course, God can do. Still, in my experience, most healings take time and need to be outworked through a series of events, and the manifestation of miracles are up to God’s discretion- not ours. The key here is to know the voice of our Lord and Saviour and obey that voice. In the first instance, we hear his voice in his Word- the Bible. We are to seek whatever means he is using to answer our prayers. Sometimes though, as believers, we develop stubborn, fleshly mind-sets and demand that God act on our terms. God’s ways are not our ways! This stubbornness is a hindrance for many preventing us from receiving the blessings God is pouring down on us and we fail to recognise the promptings of God. We all love and desire God’s supernatural miracles, but sometimes God wants to use his natural creation such as herbs and plants to achieve his miracle. We need to be humble in prayer and ask for wisdom. 

Don’t let stubborn mind-sets hinder you from that ‘miracle’ you are waiting and praying for, whether it be through medical intervention or not. The absolute key to your ‘miracles and healings’ is listening and learning how God speaks to you and following his lead. God once told me that healing begins within – then the external manifestations will follow. What is going on in our heart/soul reflects upon what we see in our psychological and physical body. Chances are our physical infirmity may get healed when the wounds within our soul are delivered, cleansed, and healed. The key is to trust God in all things. I believe that God grants knowledge for medical experts to be healers. Nonetheless, I also pray with laying on of hands for healing. I love encouraging your faith and leading you to Christ, who loves you beyond your expectations. To receive the healing, we need to pray; therefore, we need to understand what Jesus has taught us about prayer. Prayer gives you the ability to regain the blessing of your life.

 The difference between success and failure, in my opinion, is based upon my relationship with God and if I am reaching out in faith to receive. For many people, prayer is an irksome religious duty, but I love to pray. Prayer is all about connecting to grow our relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ, and without it, we cannot have any relationship with him.

 Some Blockages to healing.

 Firstly, we need to deal with our negative and unattractive untrue image and beliefs of A negative image of God in our minds will hinder us and somehow stands between us and our relationship with God.

  • The schoolmaster image……… SCOLDS US 
  • The protocol son ……………. WELCOMES US – read  Luke 15: 20 now I want you to notice how his father received him- that is how God receives you.

To be able to pray effectively, YOU MUST get rid of any negative picture of God. the reality is that God is loving and loves to save us and heal us and set us free. God is generous and doesn’t find fault. God does convict us of sin, but that’s a different thing to finding fault. Keep a Loving, warm God keep In mind when you pray. Remember, if you are unwell, pursue both medical advice, and prayer. Do not exclude one approach over another.

Jesus came to represent the Father in humanity. Jesus says Matt 7:7-8 ..

Ask then receive!

Seek then find! 

Knock, then the door will be open… Father loves you so much. 

Until next time- Jesus loves you, so Live Life on Purpose in Hope. Faith. Love,

Rev Paula 💕


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