suspended from youtube!

I’ve been suspended  from YouTube!!😰

I was flabbergasted because I really haven’t done anything wrong.
I received an email telling me that my account has been suspended due to “repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines” 

WHAAAAAAT!? I said to myself.

They said that “after review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, and terms and conditions.”

The thing is that I’ve only uploaded my own to YouTube and they are family friendly and Self Help and Christian in content. So surely YouTube will reverse the ban? 


I disputed it and received an email back from YouTube saying the decision stands. They have wiped out my videos- only 2 of them as I have just started my channel and wipes out all my videos I have saved, watched later and liked. I can not even access You Tube at all if I try to sign in !

This is hard to understand because I can not see any particular violation and they have not pointed any out to me. There are other videos that are full of filth and You Tube has permitted that. I researched this problem extremely and found that the suspension comes from a ‘code’ not a person. However, The appeal process comes from a person, but was told that many just push the no button without really watching the videos because its easier to do. There are a LOT of creators who have been suspended with thousands and thousand of followers and paid up memebrs. These people rely on tis icome and it gone in a push of a button.

You Tube promise a 3 strikes and you are out warning system. But like many other creators, I got no warnings at all! Its impossible to contact You Tube- they don’t care because they have the whole world at their feet.

So I had a VERY bad day where I spent most of it crying😥😪😭- and it takes a LOT for me to cry- however, with Gods help all will be well and I will move forward. After much, blood, sweat and tears through the learning process, I found that I really enjoy creating videos and editing them, so I endeavour to set up another channel and start from scratch. However, I will not put ALL my eggs into that basket in fear of it happening again. So I will put in the menu bar of my web site VIDEOS so folk will be able to view them there. so if YouTube goes down again, nothing will be lost.

A word of advice- don’t rely on these conglomerate platforms for your sole income. Many creators derive their sole income from YouTube and when YouTube goes down, your whole business will go down, never to be retrieved. Build your own business website because that is the only thing you can really control and protect. And you need to protect your lively hood, you need to protect your future.

A BIG Thank you to all those lovely folk who have contacted me regarding this post. Some of you have experienced the same thing for no real reason.

I will let nothing scare me, so I will be setting up a new YouTube channel soon – so watch this space!

Thank you for your support

As always, Live life on purpose, in Faith, Hope and Love

Paula Rose Parish


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  1. Stephen Dance says:

    That is ridiculous; are you going to appeal?
    Best wishes



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