Faith is Another Word

Faith is another word for the existential risking of ourselves, in obedience to the call to wholeness, to transcendence and self-knowledge, that is at the core of all human identity. Christian lifestyle, then, is not a brand. It is all-demanding and all-fulfilling. In risking ourselves we find the kind of life we can and are meant to follow, the kind we are best suited for even if it is not the easiest. Opting for this, we can handle the inevitable doubts and failures that follow every choice. But we also find that everything we need to complete the process is already given, often creeping up from behind us and tapping us on the shoulder. When we turn around we find what we are looking for. And what we need. On this path we find the teachers we need. We meet fellow-pilgrims, and discover not just new friends in abundance but new forms of friendship we had not previously even imagined. Not least, we discover the work we are meant to do.
( Meditatio Newsletter Jan 2020, Laurence Freeman OSB )