Welcome to Hope. Faith. Love. community. Our mission is based 1Corinthians 13, found in the Holy Bible.

Hope- None of us can live without hope. Hope propels us forward to live each day purposefully. Each individual on our beautiful planet needs hope so they may live a meaningful and happy life. Our purpose is to empower individuals to live in hope for a bright future.

Faith – Everybody exercises some sort of faith even if they’re not aware of it. Whether it’s faith in themselves, their work or career, other people, politics, or world systems, living in faith is a reality for us all. Our purpose is to help awaken faith in our Creator God through Jesus Christ.

Love- we can do all sorts of good works and be the best person we can be, but without love, we are nothing. God, our Creator, is the very essence of love itself and lives within each of us. Therefore we all have the potential to live our lives in and through unconditional love. Our purpose is to share that God loves each individual as they are and will return again and Christ to bring back the whole of creation to the heart of God.

We hope your will find hope. faith and love and that this site is a valuable resource for you.💕

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